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Virtual Team Meeting
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Discipleship should occur in small setting with a mentor that is not just there to teach you, but to "father" you through example.


Abide U is a virtual discipleship learning platform and community. Our mission is to mentor others in specific topics to not only bring knowledge, but to see actual growth in their lives. We are currently offering our courses for free.


We offer specific courses with focused content that is covered in 4 to 8 week sessions. The courses are offered during different times throughout the year. Part of the course is self-guided learning online. The other part is a weekly live session with your instructor to not only learn, but to actively discuss ideas and reflect on the material in small virtual groups, and through question and answer sessions.

Our students also have access to there instructor on a personal level where they can schedule individual time to receive specific guidance and mentorship. 

Our next session begins on September 18

Parenting with Holy Spirit

This course will equip parents, and caregivers, to walk with Holy Spirit in their everyday family lives. We cover topics such as parenting with Holy Spirit in circumstances of fear, rejection, and rebellion in our children. We also talk about walking with Him to discover our children's design and giftings, as well as teaching/modeling to them how to hear from and walk with Holy Spirit for themselves.


Prepare to Foster and Adopt

Many people are sensing the call to foster and adopt. This course will equip families to feel empowered whether they are starting at the beginning or seasoned foster/adoptive parents. This course also empowers you to be a support system for other families that are fostering or have adopted.

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Mentorship is a course designed to teach you how to disciple and love  those in your community. We will build skills such as talking through conflict, laying down your life to serve, and helping the people around you to heal and dream again.

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Here are some examples of courses we offer...

"Im still in awe of His kindness through this class (Parenting with Holy Spirit). It has marked me. It's transcending to my relationship with my husband, and my littles. Mostly, Im more deeply aware that God is there just waiting for me to invite Him into my circumstances."

"What a blessing to not just learn about a topic, but to be discipled into growing up into it! I loved being able to see tangible growth in my life throughout the course and watch the fruit grow."

Parenting with Holy Spirit was such an amazing experience! Every single Thursday I was excited for class. Monica is so anointed and wonderful at what she does for her classes. This class taught me how to partner with Holy Spirit as a single mom, and I couldn't be more grateful.

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